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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UCSC Going Down 2012

I am very proud to say that I am a  member of the Batch 06 or the Batch 2007/2008 of UCSC. The things we did for our UCSC was unique and many would not implausible. (I would rather say as the best batch in the history of the UCSC and our seniors would agree with me too of course .. :) ) There were many occasions and functions we did, UCSC Going Down is the tribute to our seniors who have given the guidance to come along this journey. 
UCSC going down was held on 11th February 2012 on the UOC premises. Our guys and girls made a great contribution to make that event a success. So here are some of the photographs of that event and all the credits goes to our photographer Dulini or we all known as "Lenchiii".
Preparing the decorations
Guys working hard
Guess who is working huh.. ;)
from left Samitha, Supun, me and Chathura
Stage decorations
Some souvenirs
Drama event
Keshan in action
My apologies that I can't put all the pictures here and I would like to specially thank all the people who helped us in many ways to make this event a success. 

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  1. It just by now I saw your profile on Twitter. Great work aiye. Very knowledgeable blog too,Keep it up. Wishing you all the success.

    ~One of your fellow juniors~
    -2nd year-