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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exploration Begins...

We all search for something.. Is it Something which we need to satisfy our selves? ore is it to satisfy others? or it may be the something to satisfy both. Someone can ask the question that what the hell is this guy talking about is he crazy or something.. No.. I'm talking about the unsatisfied us..We all are knowledge hunters. But are we really keen on hunting?.. I think it depends..

So this is my first ever blog. I am hoping to put some articles about mobile technology. Most of my batch mates even ask me to share some ideas on how to develop a mobile application using java micro technology or we also known as J2ME . If there are any kind of queries please free to ask anything..  Anything regarding J2ME ;). So lets get start doing mobile programming....

Oh one last thing I have to say... If you want to be a really good programmer.. (Not the best programmer, It'll be a different story.. ) You have explore things beyond what I put here .. That's the story behind  "Exploration Begins"... My personal notion is that experiments will make you perfect..