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Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Debug WSO2 Carbon Kernel Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to debug carbon kernel. This method is actually called the remote debugging.

*For this you'll need a carbon which build from the source. Refer this post.
*An IDE, For this I'm using IDEA.
*Carbon based product I'm using WSO2 Application Server for this tutorial.

Ok now first start the application server in debug mode. Go to  AS-SERVER/bin and execute the following command.

aruna@aruna-Latitude-E6540:~/Downloads/wso2as-5.2.0/bin$ ./ debug 5005

Now start the IDEA IDE. and import the kernel. Just select the root pom.xml and open.

Then create a remote debug configuration. Go to Run --> Edit Configurations... Then press Alt + Insert and select Remote. Give a name to the configuration and complete by pressing apply.

That's it you have configured the IDE and ready to debug. Put a break point and check if it's working. Let's put the break point in the main method.

In the package org.wso2.carbon.server; put a break point to file. Then press Shift + F9 to start debugging.

That's it for now and happy debugging.. :)