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Monday, December 21, 2015

WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 - Released !!!

We are pleased to announce the release of WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0. It is now available to download from here. The source and tag location for this release are available here.

WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 is the core of the next-generation WSO2 Carbon platform. We have completely rearchitected Carbon Kernel from the ground up with the latest technologies and patterns. Additionally, the Carbon Kernel is now a lightweight, general-purpose OSGi runtime specializing in hosting servers, providing key functionality for server developers. The result is a streamlined and even more powerful middleware platform than ever before.
This release of the WSO2 Carbon Kernel includes the following key features. For further details please see the documentation.

Key Features
  •     Transport Management Framework
  •     Logging Framework with Log4j 2.0 as the Backend
  •     Carbon Startup Order Resolver
  •     Dropins Support for OSGi Ready Bundles
  •     Jar to Bundle Conversion Tool
  •     Artifact Deployment Engine
  •     Pluggable Runtime Support

Fixed Issues :  WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 - Fixed Issues
Known Issues : WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 - Known Issues

How To Contribute

You can find more instructions on how to contribute on our documentation site.

If you have any suggestions or are interested in Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 discussions, you can join the or mailing lists.
Reporting Issues

We encourage you to report issues, documentation errors regarding WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 through the public issue tracking system.


WSO2 Carbon Team