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Saturday, October 17, 2015

WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 - Milestone 05 Released!

We are pleased to inform you the 5th milestone release of Carbon Kernel 5.0.0 is now available to download from here. Source and Tag Location for this release is available here.

Carbon 5 [C5] is the next generation of WSO2 Carbon platform. The existing Carbon platform has served as a modular middleware platform for more than 5 years now. We've built many different products, solutions based on this platform. All the previous major releases of Carbon were sharing the same high level architecture, even though we've changed certain things time to time.

Base architecture of the Carbon is modeled using the Apache Axis2's kernel architecture. Apache Axis2 is Web service engine. But it also has introduced a rich extensible server framework with a configuration and runtime model, deployment engine and a implementation, etc. We extended this architecture and built a OSGI based modular server development framework called Carbon Kernel. It is tightly coupled with Apache Axis2. But now Apache Axis2 is becoming a dead project. We don't see enough active development on the trunk. Therefore we thought of getting rid of this tight coupling to Apache Axis2.

Carbon kernel has gained weight over the time. There are many unwanted modules there. When there are more modules, the rate of patching or the rate of doing patch releases increases. This is why we had to release many patch releases of Carbon kernel in the past. This can become a maintenance nightmare for developers as well as for the users. We need to minimize Carbon kernel releases.

The other reason for C5 is to make Carbon kernel a general purpose OSGi runtime, specialized in hosting servers. We will implement the bare minimal features required for server developers in the Carbon kernel.

Our primary goal of C5 is to re-architect the Carbon platform from the ground up with the latest technologies and patterns to overcome the existing architectural limitations as well as to get rid of the dependencies to the legacy technologies like Apache Axis2. We need to build a next generation middleware platform that will last for the next 10 years.

This milestone release is a step towards building an OSGi based server development framework. It includes following new features.

New Features
  • Pax Exam OSGi Test Framework Support
  • Logging framework backend upgraded to log4j 2.0 support
Key Features
  • Pluggable runtimes framework
  • Artifact deployment engine
  • Centralized logging back-end
  • Carbon launcher framework
  • Transport Management Framework
  • Java 8 Support


Fixed Issues

How To Contribute

You can find more instructions on how to contribute on our documentation site.
If you have any suggestions or interested in C5 discussions, please do so via or mailing lists .

Reporting Issues

Carbon Kernel development is at it's early stages, We encourage you to report issues, documentation faults that you come across and feature requests 
regarding this milestone release of WSO2 C5 through the public issue tracking system.

WSO2 Carbon Team

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